“Crazy” Friendship! by Mary Joy Orola | PAROUSIA Magazine

AL! She screamed at the top of her lungs. How could you do this? You know what I was saving that money for.

I’m sorry. I can’t watch you suffer when you have the means to end your suffering. Live one day at a time, trusting in God.

UNCLE KỌ́LÁ by Stephen Adinoyi | PAROUSIA Magazine

    UNCLE KỌ́LÁ “I curse them in the name of Jesus; I bind them in the mighty name of Jesus! Let your heavenly fire burns them! Burn their brain so that they will become mad! Burn their legs so that they can become crippled. Scatter all my Philistines, destroy all my Amalekites, destroy my…

Who Is Like God by Ernest O. Ogunyemi

        Who is like God? I used to believe all of Father’s words. I used to believe that God is good all the time and… the inverse. That church is the house of that God, and that He makes things work for those who go there good. I used to believe that Aunty Tọ́pé is…